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40% of SMBs Now Accept Payments with Mobile Credit Card Readers. Engage customers with mobile receipt delivery.

August 9, 2013 Mobile, Social Leave a comment

Brad Beckstrom

mobile commerce

A new report from The Local Commerce Monitor. BIA/Kelsey’s ongoing study of the advertising behaviors of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), indicates that there’s a steady increase in SMB’s that are going mobile.

The segment with the largest increase are SMBs that accept payments at the point-of-sale with a mobile credit card reader.  Small credit card readers like square plugged into iPhones are becoming a ubiquitous payment option from small food trucks to growing retail locations. The study showed that 40% of SMBs are using some sort of credit card reader attached to a smartphone or tablet. Another 16% plan to add this capability in the next 12 months.

The study pointed out that 32% of these same SMBs are using some form of mobile advertising to promote their business. The recent jump in Facebook revenue reflects the rapid SMB adoption of mobile ads with the social network.

There is an opportunity for SMBs and major retailers to opt in consumers for future offers by allowing consumer to receive a copy of the receipt via email.  The key is not to ask for too much information or go through some complex app authorization screen. Just capture the email address “only” to deliver the receipt. With the receipt you can include “an option” for the recipient to opt in to surveys, receive future discounts and special offers.

Take your cues from much larger businesses like Apple Stores that do a good job at this. If you opt in to receive your receipt via email that that’s what you get “ just the receipt.”  However, at the top of the receipt you will notice a link with a “tell us about your experience” survey. Within that survey, or directly on the receipt, you can include an opt in for future offers, social links, and promotions. Apple takes it one step further with a survey that helps them better define the future needs of any small business.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.09.46 AM


If the customer uses the survey link just to complain or does not opt in to other offers you have still provided a useful service and you’ve learned something about your business. You have the option to bring that customer back into the fold with a quick response, solution and/or special offer

Once your list starts to grow make sure your survey, emails and links to coupons and websites are mobile optimized more responsive to multiple device sizes. It consumers are going to use these offers at your retail location they are going to be on a mobile device.

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73% of mobile searches trigger additional actions and conversions

July 16, 2013 Mobile, Social Leave a comment

by Brad Beckstrom

When consumers are searching on their smart phone there’s a very good chance that they’re ready to take action. A recent joint study from Google and Nielsen demonstrated that 73% of mobile searches result in additional actions.  This is most important for retailers as 17% of  searchers visited a store and another 7% called the business. The most important finding is that 25% visited a retailer’s website on their smartphone. It’s essential that your website be responsive and easy to navigate for mobile visitors if you want them to take action. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does our website load quickly on a wide variety of mobile devices and is it responsive to  large and small tablets
  2. Is it free of clutter and easy to read with click to call and quick access to store location information
  3. Do you have a mobile coupon strategy to drive traffic, this could be as simple as a reward for visitors who opt into your SMS or email lists
  4. Can consumers quickly login and share with Facebook as an option to creating a password and entering their email address

free mobile report

You’ll notice that in the study 36% of mobile searches resulted in continued research. This generally means they didn’t find what they were looking for. They may have clicked on a website that took more than 7 seconds to load or was not mobile friendly or was confusing and hard to navigate. Those are the customers that are up for grabs if you can do mobile right. Try this quick test. Search for “Frank and Oak”  on your mobile phone. Click on the first result. That’s how mobile should be done and if you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer your business is being disrupted.

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Engage Your Consumers on their Mobile Devices

March 28, 2013 Mobile, Social Leave a comment

Photo sharing contests are a great way to connect with your consumers and prompt them to engage with your brand.  And, using Facebook as the vehicle to bring awareness and participation to your campaign is fantastic … unless those consumers are primarily using a mobile device to access the Facebook platform.  Currently, Facebook desktop and Facebook mobile operate like two completely different platforms.  Facebook is in the midst of optimizing the mobile newsfeed to engage their mobile consumers, but that doesn’t expand to facebook apps.

facebookCover R3-01_3.22.12

Your brand spends money to advertise to and engage your consumers on Facebook; it’s affordable and effective to build your Facebook community and social media presence.  The number of active daily visitors visiting Facebook on mobile devices (680 million active users) now exceeds the number of traditional desktop users.

What happens to your brand’s consumer promotional engagement on a mobile device?  Is that Facebook Like-Gate page collecting mobile fans or the Facebook Photo Sharing Contest App even reaching your consumers?  Currently, on mobile devices like smartphones, it’s not.

Think about it.  What device do you use most frequently to check Facebook? Are you satisfied having your brand top-of-mind only from the comfort of a desktop computer?  Let’s face it – your phone is a social device.  You have it with you at all times. By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. (Source: Cisco, 2013)

Don’t despair, ApolloBravo makes Facebook Apps mobile! Apollobravo builds mobile-friendly apps allowing your fans to access, view and interact with your Facebook Desktop version of the contest or sweepstakes app.And the best part is that the mobile app and the facebook app are seamlessly synced.  Advertise your promotion in a Facebook Ad or simply post to your fans’ newsfeeds with the confidence to drive awareness and increase participation …. Even on a mobile device!

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57% Facebook users go mobile. Now how to reach them.

January 21, 2013 Mobile, Social Leave a comment

Excellent info-graphic courtesy of QWAYA via Social Media Today.

Facebook’s growth on mobile devices is a good indicator of how rapidly smart phone subscriptions are growing globally. Out of Facebook’s nearly 1,000,000,000 active monthly users 57% are accessing via mobile phone.  If you’ve developed a great mobile website or mobile promotion, The Facebook Newsfeed is a fantastic way to drive traffic there.



Social media explained with beer

April 18, 2012 News, Social Leave a comment

Our official entry into the social media explained with, craze.   We think it’s best explained over a cold beer.



Facebook surpasses 300 Million Users

September 16, 2009 Social Leave a comment

From Mashable – While Twitter may be getting the majority of the press in the Facebook-Twitter competition, Facebook’s still the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Today the world’s largest social network made that clear by announcing that they now have more than 300 million users.

In a blog post, Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the social network’s constant growth and also announced that the company was self-sustaining and cash-flow positive, not a small feat by any means considering the relative trouble they’ve had monetizing. Being able to generate a profit opens the door to many possibilities, including an IPO.

The announcement also means that Facebook grew from 200 million users to 300 million in just over 5 months. It took 8 months to reach 200 million from 100 million, and it took years to reach the 100 million user milestone. This is a company that is growing faster, not slower, than its competition.

As the company continues its all-out assault on Twitter, it’s easy to forget that it simply has more users than its upstart rival. By the end of the year, there should be 18 million Twitter users. That’s not even 1/15 of the current size of Facebook.

Mashable, Read more

Facebook Now Has Over 300 Million Users.

Advertising on Mobile Phones Now the Norm And a significant number of users say they respond to such messages

February 11, 2009 Mobile Leave a comment

-By Mark Dolliver

NEW YORK Advertising on mobile phones is becoming an increasingly mainstream phenomenon, to judge by a Limbo-GfK Technology Mobile Advertising Report released today. (Limbo is a mobile social network whose free services to members are supported by the revenue from mobile ads.)

Thirty-three percent of Americans with mobile phones said they recalled seeing mobile advertising during the fourth quarter of 2008. Among those with iPhones, the figure was even higher, at 41 percent. “The vast majority of these ads were seen in SMS text messages,” the report notes.

What do people do when they receive mobile advertising? One-third of those who recalled getting such ads said they “responded in some way,” with the most common form of response being to call a toll-free number included in the message: “16 percent of ad-aware consumers recall doing this.” Women were almost twice as likely as men to say they responded in some way to a mobile ad they’d received. In a breakdown by age, 18-24-year-olds were the most likely to report having done so. Perhaps most encouraging for advertisers, says the report, “is the fact that one in seven people also reported that they had bought a product or visited a store as a result of seeing a mobile advertisement.”

Among other tidbits from the report: “More than 162 million consumers used text messaging in the fourth quarter of 2008,” up 16 percent from fourth-quarter 2007. Ten percent of Americans with mobile phones used location-based services in last year’s fourth quarter, with the figure rising to 22 percent among 25-34-year-olds.
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Lessons in Social Media from Obama

November 6, 2008 Social Leave a comment

[slideshare id=547013&doc=obamasocial-1218199869401901-9&w=425]

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