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Mobile Marketing to drive special offers and events seen as essential for brick-and-mortar retailers.

August 22, 2014 Mobile Leave a comment

59 million US smartphone owners will use digital coupons this year. That’s a 37.5% increase over 2013. in addition redeeming digital coupons on a PC still remains the most popular option  with 33% of all PC users redeeming offer codes online.

An additional  27% of these same users made a trip to a store to redeem these  offers retrieved on-line.

For retailers, restaurants and service businesses with brick-and-mortar locations putting a strategic customer engagement plan in place is essential.  We believe the plan should encompass three core elements Mobile, Social and Local. Here are 11 questions to ask.


  1. Are your offers mobile friendly, if a potential customer finds your coupon online can they quickly send it to their phone?
  2. Are you making it easy for consumers to opt in to your future offers via text message or email?
  3. Are the offers easy to redeem in-store with QR codes or short offer codes
  4. Are you giving away too much of your offer to companies like Groupon or Living Social? There are much less expensive ways for getting in front of loyal customers. (see local)


  1. If a customer finds your offer via social media can they quickly share it with friends or send to their phone via text message.
  2. Are you using low-cost highly visual social media campaigns on Facebook and Twitter to opt in loyal customers for future events and special offers
  3. Are you going beyond just coupons and tying your special offers to events like exclusive tastings or new  product previews
  4. On a long-term customer joins your list  and shares their personal mobile number or email is there any additional incentive for them like text to win contests for free entrées or special event invites?


  1. Did you know your offers could reach local consumers through over 50 mapping directory and social networks with 0% of the offer going to coupon sites like Groupon or Living Social?
  2. Are you taking advantage of new technology like RFID, QR codes, iBeocons to engage  your customers in new and interesting ways?
  3. Do your offers show up on mapping apps for mobile apps like Yelp and Foursquare?

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Supporting Forrester Research data via

22 August 2014

NEW YORK: Four in ten US smartphone owners will use that device to redeem a coupon during 2014 according to digital intelligence business eMarketer.

Its estimated that a total of 59.2m US adult smartphone users would do so over the course of the year, representing a 37.5% increase on 2013, and said these mobile coupons were being used for both online and offline shopping.

Separately, Forrester Consulting recently carried out in-depth surveys with 500 digital coupon users for, the digital coupon site, and found that most redeemed a digital coupon code within three days of receiving it, and nearly one-third redeemed it immediately.

The most common method of redeeming digital coupons was by purchasing something on a computer (33%), but over one quarter (27%) made a trip to a store for this purpose. Some 25% used a smartphone and 14% a tablet.

The primary source of coupons was passive receipt via an email from retailers, cited by 57% of respondents, but this was only just ahead of the 55% who actively sought them out using search engines on their smartphones. And around one third relied on coupon-related apps or emails from a coupon company.

apollo bravo creative

Forrester also said that younger shoppers were leading the way, with fully 60% of consumers under 35 ultimately redeeming a coupon on their phone. “This points to a new emerging future of shopping, with mobile at the center of the experience,” said the report.

Customers were also found to be inclined to spend more than anticipated in-store when using coupons, making customer service an important part of the overall process.

“Easy redemption, mobile-formatted coupons, and a balanced marketing plan will drive users to the store and online properties which, in turn, provides opportunities for conversion and increased spend by consumers,” the report concluded. Data sourced from eMarketer, Forrester Consulting; additional content by Warc staff

66% of users find mobile sites through a search engine. Is yours ready?

July 8, 2013 Mobile, Social Leave a comment

Mobile Marketing trendsby Brad Beckstrom

More users than ever are finding websites through mobile search. This is especially true for retailers, restaurants and service companies. Think about what you search for on your smart phone. It could be through your mobile browser, built-in Google search or maps. It could  be a link from Yelp or Facebook or a Groupon that showed up in your email.  Regardless odds are you’re using your smart phone to search for things nearby more than you realize.

Businesses have several options when it comes to adapting to mobile search. One is to automatically redirect users to a mobile optimized landing page. This works especially well for businesses that just need to share items that they know mobile searchers are looking for. It can include your click to call phone number, address, menu or special events and offers. Less information helps your mobile site load quicker, which is very important to mobile users.

If you’d like all of your website content to be available, another option would be to create a responsive website, one that adapts to the device automatically, whether it be a tablet, smart phone or traditional browser.   While a responsive solution is often more expensive it does have the advantage of all of your content being updated in one place for consistency.

How to make native ads a big deal

May 22, 2013 Mobile, News, Social Leave a comment

Native Advertising

Earlier this week following Yahoo’s acquisition of Tumblr they announced that they would begin integrating native ads ” sponsored content” into news streams. This type of advertising fits naturally on sites where people can post anything. Think Twitter, Facebook, and now Tumblr, Flickr. It’s a great opportunity for brands, but the content needs to be much more than a banner.  This is especially true if a brand is sponsoring content to  appear in newsfeeds of people who aren’t already following them.  So here are some of my thoughts on native advertising.


  1. The content should be unique “think beautiful images captured with a Nikon camera” versus the traditional yellow banner ad
  2.  The content should fit the crowd, if animated gifs are popular on Tumblr then explore that opportunity with unique cinemagraph  images
  3.  Offer something of value, a free app download or Tumblr only clips from an upcoming episode or book sample
  4.  Ask for user content as part of a contest or sweepstakes, share examples
  5. Take advantage of the excellent targeting tools these sites offer

We also see these native ads to be ideal for mobile advertising as they are generally appearing in stream versus small banners.  These in stream ads have done well on Facebook to date and boosted mobile revenues significantly.

A great tool for brainstorming

May 10, 2013 Mobile, Social Leave a comment

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 9.02.46 AMWe’ve been looking for something like Trello for a long time. Trello Is promoted as a project management system. As a digital marketing agency we’ve got that down. What was really missing was a global collaborative space to share ideas and brainstorm. At the core of Trello are cards that are used to share and organize ideas. People can collaborate using tablets, smart phones and traditional browsers.  This is ideal when trying to brainstorm with folks in different locations and time zones. People can also vote and share ideas outside of the group.  As more of the best creative’s in the business ditch their commute and learn how to work from home  apps like Trello become very valuable. Think of it as a digital whiteboard that doesn’t end up a scribbled mess, or have the words “do not erase”, scrawled above it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

More here

Engage Your Consumers on their Mobile Devices

March 28, 2013 Mobile, Social Leave a comment

Photo sharing contests are a great way to connect with your consumers and prompt them to engage with your brand.  And, using Facebook as the vehicle to bring awareness and participation to your campaign is fantastic … unless those consumers are primarily using a mobile device to access the Facebook platform.  Currently, Facebook desktop and Facebook mobile operate like two completely different platforms.  Facebook is in the midst of optimizing the mobile newsfeed to engage their mobile consumers, but that doesn’t expand to facebook apps.

facebookCover R3-01_3.22.12

Your brand spends money to advertise to and engage your consumers on Facebook; it’s affordable and effective to build your Facebook community and social media presence.  The number of active daily visitors visiting Facebook on mobile devices (680 million active users) now exceeds the number of traditional desktop users.

What happens to your brand’s consumer promotional engagement on a mobile device?  Is that Facebook Like-Gate page collecting mobile fans or the Facebook Photo Sharing Contest App even reaching your consumers?  Currently, on mobile devices like smartphones, it’s not.

Think about it.  What device do you use most frequently to check Facebook? Are you satisfied having your brand top-of-mind only from the comfort of a desktop computer?  Let’s face it – your phone is a social device.  You have it with you at all times. By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people. (Source: Cisco, 2013)

Don’t despair, ApolloBravo makes Facebook Apps mobile! Apollobravo builds mobile-friendly apps allowing your fans to access, view and interact with your Facebook Desktop version of the contest or sweepstakes app.And the best part is that the mobile app and the facebook app are seamlessly synced.  Advertise your promotion in a Facebook Ad or simply post to your fans’ newsfeeds with the confidence to drive awareness and increase participation …. Even on a mobile device!

Check out our current Jagermeister Brother in Your Corner Photo Contest … from your desktop OR your mobile.

Food and beverage brands lead on Twitter

March 7, 2013 Mobile, News, Social Leave a comment

Twitter Brand Use A recent UK study shows brand mentions for food and beverages more prominent than music, celebrities or news updates. This points to a great opportunity for brands to develop and invest in growing their presence on Twitter. Mentions can be further enhanced by running photo contests and prompting consumers to use hashtags to be automatically entered in sweepstakes. It’s much easier to engage a brand this way then filling out a form online or even worse a mail-in sweepstakes. When integrated with mobile marketing, analytics and contest management tools Twitter can make a great primary means of entry for your next promotion or sweepstakes.

Via WARC Brands in the food and beverage, clothing and retail sectors generate the highest number of direct mentions among Twitter users in the UK, according to a report.

Drawing on a sample of 10,000 tweets made by 1,000 members of Twitter, the social media monitoring firm BrandWatch revealed that 3.6% of posts referred to a brand by name.

“This made brand names almost as prominent as television, film and sport, and more prominent than music, celebrities or news updates,” the firm’s study said.

Members of the food and drinks category yielded 32% of these messages. McDonald’s and Nando’s, the restaurant chains, Tesco, the supermarket giant, and Cadbury, the confectioner, led the charts here.

The technology sector was the subject of 11% of tweets referencing brands. Apple, and its iPhone handset, topped the category rankings, with Samsung, Microsoft and Orange following next.

While 80% of content about technology brands was generated by men, women were behind 89% of tweets in the clothing category and 73% for food and drink.

“Equal numbers of products and services were mentioned, suggesting an even split between secondary and tertiary sectors,” the study said.

“Brands ranged from large, established names including Amazon and Ford to smaller companies such as Azendi and Micro Scooters.”

Looking more broadly, the analysis showed that 38% of posts were “solo tweets”, where the user did not link with other Twitter members using tagging or a direct exchange.

A further 36% were replies to messages, while 22% were retweets, the analysis added.

Data sourced from; additional content by Warc staff, 7 March 2013 

Note to Chief Marketers: Get in the social currency game.

December 7, 2012 Social Leave a comment

This survey shared by socialmediatoday  is another in a long string of data pointing to the fact that among consumers interacting with brands it’s more about social currency then social media.  The study points out the  disconnect between brands and consumers.  Here are a few of highlights.

  •  65% of consumers connect with a brand for the games, contests and promotions
  •  79% to take advantage of special offers and discounts
  •  People are connecting with brands via social media because they expect something in return
  •  Consumers see this as social currency
  •  When CMO’s or asked this same question they believed that these consumers were looking for content and only 27% of the same CMO’s believed that consumers were seeking special savings, experiences or rewards.

That’s a big disconnect. So the challenge for marketers is to engage consumers as the first step in starting a conversation.  Pony up your social currency at the front door.  This is especially true with new product introductions or brand extensions which 55% of consumers want to hear about.















From the looks of things not many CMOs and marketers are putting enough weight to the idea of social currency…










And one more chart just in case the message is not loud and clear.  Read more about the study here

Social media explained with beer

April 18, 2012 News, Social Leave a comment

Our official entry into the social media explained with, craze.   We think it’s best explained over a cold beer.



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